Shiba Eternity

Shiba Eternity: All That Has Happened Until Now

Shiba Eternity
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Shiba Inu has come a long way since it was first created. The coin, which had humble beginnings as a meme coin, has triumphed over all opposition to reach its current status. On the horizon for Shiba Inu were innovations like Shibarium and the Metaverse, as well as the Shiba Eternity franchise.

The day of the Shiba Eternity download was unquestionably a success. The SHIB group has been very vocal about their desire to be number one in the app stores of both Google Play and Apple.

Upon its initial release, the app reportedly ranked among the top 20 games in the Apple App Store. A week after its release, The Shiba Eternity surpassed the landmark of 100,000 downloads.

Shytoshi Kusama dropped Shiba Eternity updates

Kusama posted a player’s guide to Shiba Eternity on November 4th, giving players a sneak peek at the game. Information about newly issued NFTs and the markets in which they can be traded has also been made public.

Kusama emphasizes the fact that the Eternity game has surpassed 250,000 downloads. The team has successfully eliminated over a hundred different bugs so far this month. The mobile card game’s official instruction manual was released to the public in the mail. Kusama claims that the manual is “a living document” that will evolve as the game does. The guide also comes with a lore collection that puts the game into greater context.

To make the over 1150 pages of the guide more manageable, it has been split up into several documents. Kusama’s Shiba Inu developer update not only detailed the Shiba Eternity guide and information, but also detailed the introduction of new NFTs. Kusama’s desire to depict Shiba’s special journey in new images is articulated in the post. Due to advancements in AI, NFTs have been developed and are now for sale on OpenSea.

It will be another big step forward for the game when Kusama organizes the first live tournament.


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