Send Bitcoin Tips on Twitter

How To Send Bitcoin Tips on Twitter

Send Bitcoin Tips on Twitter
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When it comes to the value of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is by far the most prominent. It paved the way for blockchain innovation and the creation of thousands of other cryptocurrencies. The widespread use of cryptocurrencies is growing rapidly. A lot of the most up-to-date crypto news and viral crypto content appears to be circulating on the popular social media platform Twitter at the moment. Here is how to Send Bitcoin Tips on Twitter.

How To Send Bitcoin Tips on Twitter?

Users of Twitter, can get to know bitcoin and cryptocurrency on a more individual level. There’s a tipping function on Twitter that’s pretty handy. This can only be accomplished if tips are relayed via a third party. Here, we will examine the various ways in which you can put this function to use.

Send Bitcoin Tips on Twitter
Send Bitcoin Tips on Twitter

How to use the tipping feature on Twitter?

In May of 2021, Twitter’s anonymous reporting feature was discovered. However, at first, access was restricted to a small group of people. On September 23, 2021/22, the social media behemoth made the feature available to a broader audience.

In the meantime, web users can’t access the tips section. The function is available to users with Android and iOS devices. Prior to initiating a tip to a user, you should check to see if they have access to receiving tips.

Users of Twitter who have enabled this feature will see a “cash bill” icon representing a tip next to the “following” button. If you select that option, you’ll see all of the user’s saved payments in a single place. Among the many supported payments are:

  • GoFundMe
  • Strike (Bitcoin Lightning Network)
  • Bandcamp
  • Cash App
  • Chipper
  • Bitcoin wallet
  • Patreon
  • Razorpay
  • Wealthsimple Cash
  • Venmo
  • PicPay

This money is sometimes given out based on where you are. Nonetheless, Bitcoin and litecoin are accepted by all and serve as universal payment methods.

How to tip with Bitcoin?

If you want to give someone a tip in Bitcoin, you can do so using either the bitcoin wallet or a bitcoin lightning payment service. You can get the recipient’s Bitcoin address by clicking the “Tips” button on your Bitcoin wallet. After copying the address, you can proceed to your Bitcoin wallet where you can make your donation.

A third method of tipping is through the lightning network. Only residents of the United States can use Strike for this purpose. Make use of an existing Strike account, or register for one. After determining whether or not the user approves, you can proceed with a strike by selecting “Strike” from the Tips menu. Select the desired payment amount and then hit “Confirm.”

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