aroline Ellison Math Whiz

Forbes Calls Almeda Research CEO Caroline Ellison a “Math Whiz”

aroline Ellison Math Whiz
lmeda Research CEO Caroline Ellison

Forbes has written an article calling Alameda Research CEO Caroline Ellison a “math whiz,” which is hard to believe. while she was responsible for the loss of over $9 billion in FTX customer funds.

The cryptocurrency market has been devastated by her role in the FTX collapse. A recent Forbes article, however, appears to have highlighted her mathematical prowess and fascination with wizarding worlds.

Forbes Tone Deaf Take on Disgraced CEO

In the realm of digital currency, this is a truly shocking event. FTX, a popular and trusted cryptocurrency exchange, vanished seemingly without a trace. Despite the fact that it was the result of months of fraudulent business practices that stole billions of dollars from customers.

Sam Bankman-Fried has become the face of the economic collapse. As the now-infamous ex-CEO has become the public’s face of the debacle. A CEO of Alameda Research, Caroline Ellison, was also named as a suspect in a report published by Forbes today. But not in the way you might think.

SBF – Source: TIME

Forbes seems to have misrepresented Ellison, giving her accomplishments less importance than they deserve. Thereafter, she was called a “math whiz who loves Harry Potter and taking big risks” in a Tweet that promoted the article. Almost defended her dogged persistence in reaching her goals.

The article, however, fails to provide a full picture of Ellison’s guilt. Together with Bankman-Fried, they had established a reliable reputation in the cryptocurrency industry, only to exploit that reputation dishonestly. On the other hand, piling on billions in debt would send that system tumbling into insolvency.

In the headline, Ellison is described as a “risk-loving 29-year-old,” but the reality of her orchestration of complete financial devastation is left for the body of the article. The weight of her character naturally makes it apparent how serious her theft is.

A misleading caricature at worst, and an inaccurate one at best. Customers and businesses alike have been harmed by the FTX collapse, and they deserve explanations. As a result, Caroline Ellison and Sam Bankman-Fried should respond to it.

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