A New Burn-Speeding Feature From BabyDogeSwap Is Coming To DeFi Swap


Reports say that BabyDogeSwap is about to add a new feature that calculates an estimated token burn rate per swap. This new function will give a rough estimate of how many BabyDoge tokens will be lost when they are traded on the DEX.

The new function will be available for all BabyDogeSwap DEX pairs, including USDT/BNB. This comes as Baby Doge Coin keeps working on improving the speed at which fires burn. The group had previously dropped hints that they were planning to unveil an official burn portal where users could dispose of their BabyDoge.

This month, it put out a call for ideas on how to encourage token holders to burn more of their currency. It proposed a new form of token (NFT) or multiple NFTs as rewards for spending existing tokens.

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Baby Doge Coin holders recently voted almost unanimously to begin monthly burns. Long-term, the burns are expected to increase Baby Doge Coin prices by reducing the massive supply.

The official dead wallet for the BabyDoge project has already received billions of tokens. BabyDogeBurn reports that 4,078,924,733,000 BABYDOGE tokens have been burned in the last 24 hours. From the original 420 quadrillion BABYDOGE tokens, 199,382,489,654,578,784 (47.472) have been burned.

New milestones and listing

In less than a month after its launch, BabyDogeSwap has amassed more than $30 million in total volume locked (TVL).

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Additionally, BabyDogeSwap can now be found in the dApp Bay of the BNB Chain platform. After being announced earlier this week, users of the BNB Chain platform will have easier access to BabyDogeSwap and will be able to rate it along with all the other dApps on the network.

Meanwhile, the population of the area keeps rising. Since then, 1,640,048 new users have signed up for BabyDoge, bringing the total number of users to 1,640,048.

Source: U Today

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