Crypto Utility Tokens

7 Best Crypto Utility Tokens Set to Rise in 2023

The short-lived success of “meme coins” shows that a crypto project needs to create a “utility token” that addresses real-world issues if it is to survive.

Seven of the top crypto utility tokens that solve important problems in the real world or make people’s lives easier have been evaluated by our editorial staff.

Crypto Utility Tokens
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Brief Overview of The Best Utility Tokens

Let’s take a quick look at what the best utility tokens offer before we dive into what makes these projects special and how investors stand to gain.

  • Ripple (XRP)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Now that we know which utility tokens are the best, let’s look into each one to see what kind of returns investors can expect to see.

1. Dash 2 Trade (D2T) – Overall Best Utility Token Currently in Successful Presale

In just over two weeks, investors have contributed over $5 million to the presale of Dash 2 Trade, a new crypto analytics and intelligence platform that has launched one of the best utility tokens. Traders can gain access to the platform’s signals and on-chain analytics by exchanging their native D2T token.

The best part of the Dash 2 Trade presale is the possibility of winning a share of a $150,000 prize pool; participants must have at least $150 worth of D2T tokens on the day of the draw to enter. Social media actions, such as subscribing to the Dash 2 Trade Telegram channel and tweeting about the platform, result in a multiplier effect for an investor’s platform entries.

Three different paid tiers are available: free, starter (400 D2T/month), and premium (1,000 D2T per month).

In order to maximize profits for investors, the platform provides them with buy and sell signals.

Dash 2 Trade also provides traders with access to fundamental data like market insights and on-chain analytics, allowing them to better track the activities of the whale wallets.

The social indicators provided include the most important metrics regarding coins that the crypto community is discussing on social media, which can generate interest in an asset and drive up its price.

Alerts about new crypto presales and newly listed coins will be sent to investors who are interested in hearing about future crypto projects. Dash 2 Trade examines each presale individually, awarding points based on a variety of criteria such as the quality of the audits, tokenomics, and developer credentials.

The platform’s social features have made trading more enjoyable by facilitating the exchange of ideas and communication among traders. The platform also monitors the strategies discussed and ranks the most successful among them for dissemination to the community at large.

Tokens for this project are currently available for $0.05 during stage 2 of a 9-stage presale; by the end of the presale, they will sell for $0.0662, an increase of 32% over the current price.

Following the conclusion of the presale, Dash 2 Trade will also be listed on LBank.

2. IMPT – Eco-Friendly Crypto Rewarding Carbon Footprint Reduction 

With this crypto utility token, investors and businesses can collaborate on a shared goal of making our planet cleaner by going green, making IMPT one of the best utility tokens our team has found.

After selling out the first stage of its presale four weeks early, IMPT is now in the second stage, and has raised over $11.5 million.

In the first stage of the presale, investors could purchase IMPT tokens for $0.018, and in the current second stage, investors can acquire IMPT tokens for $0.023, and in the third stage, the price will increase to $0.028.

IMPT has built a system that provides investors with incentives for making purchases at stores in which they have a partnership.

By purchasing IMPT tokens, investors indirectly support environmental causes through the contributions of retail partners.

Additionally, IMPT allows for direct contributions through a social feature that keeps tabs on each user’s carbon footprint and awards points for eco-friendly actions.

Each participant is given a score based on their contribution, with higher scores going to those who spend their carbon credits.

When IMPT tokens are issued as NFTs, they can be traded for carbon credits and held as assets by investors. Companies that adopt IMPT’s platform are rewarded with points.

IMPT has successfully raised millions since the beginning of October, and its presale appears to be on track to do the same.

investors shouldn’t wait around because it will likely sell out ahead of schedule.

3. Calvaria – New Play to Earn Game with Scalable Crypto

The $RIA tokens used to fund the development of Calvaria, in addition to being an appreciating asset, have brought in nearly $1 million so far.

The coin is currently in its third presale stage, and early adopters can save money by purchasing them before the price increases.

Starting at $0.02, the price of the coin will increase by a total of 10 steps before topping out at $0.055 (a 175% increase).

After the presale concludes, RIA coins will be listed on major exchanges thanks to the partnerships formed by Calvaria with Kucoin and

Tokens are awarded in pairs and can be traded with other players or sold on the secondary market.

When players stake their Calvaria coins in their RIAs, they are rewarded daily and can be used in other decentralized applications, making Calvaria a true asset ownership platform.

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Additionally, the platform gives token holders the power to govern the project and vote on crucial issues.

In Duels of Eternity, players must use strategic card combinations to defeat opponents by building stronger decks with more coins. Players can buy stronger cards by combining cards of the same strength.

Investors need RIA tokens to acquire game resources, stake them for increased coinage, and win battles.

4. Tamadoge (TAMA) – NFT-based Game with Deflationary Coin Providing Rewards

Tamadoge, and its native token TAMA, are two crypto utility tokens that stand out from the crowd.

Players who take good care of their virtual pets in Tamadoge are rewarded with the token, which can be traded freely on exchanges.

TAMA’s presale was a huge success, selling out in under two months, and the project’s ICO was even more well-received.

Despite the bleak conditions of the crypto winter, early investors in TAMA saw a return of 1,800% after the token was listed on OKX.

Being a deflationary asset is another important reason why Tamadoge is among the best utility tokens.

The developers of the game “burn” five percent of all purchases made in the game’s pet store, where players can buy items like food, treats, and toys for their virtual pets.

TAMA’s price is primed for another meteoric ascent as demand rises and supply naturally falls.

In this game, players can advance in the rankings by caring for their pets, which includes feeding, exercising, and breeding. Players can engage in pet-on-pet combat after raising their animals to adulthood.

5. Battle Infinity (IBAT) – Popular Metaverse Game with 6 Platforms

Battle Infinity, a multi-platform fantasy sports game where players can participate and earn rewards across 6 different platforms, uses the IBAT token as its native token.

The presale of IBAT, which was supposed to last 90 days, sold out in just 25 due to investors’ recognition of the token’s status as one of the best utility tokens.

Once it was listed on an exchange, the price of IBAT jumped 700% from its presale price, confirming its status as one of the best utility coins.

The game supports solo, duo, and crates staking, and the developers are constantly improving the platform and adding new features.

Active players are rewarded IBAT tokens from the global staking pool, and everyone can earn tokens by running events and selling land.

When playing Battle Infinity, users can don virtual reality goggles and explore the Metaverse, all while chatting with other players in the same room.

6. Ripple (XRP) – Cross-Border Coin Enabling Efficient and Low-Fee Transactions 

It has been argued by some investors that XRP is the best utility token because it allows for international payments to be made at a fraction of the cost that a conventional money transfer service would charge.

Ripple’s network connects financiers to a decentralized system where transactions are settled in a matter of seconds for very little money.

Ripple has demonstrated that XRP is both a practical utility and a highly profitable cryptocurrency. Both in 2013 and 2017, early investors saw massive price increases that resulted in returns of at least 1,000%.

The lawsuit with the U.S. SEC is the only thing keeping XRP from going on another bull run. Once the case is resolved and it is shown that XRP is not a security, the cryptocurrency will once again thrive.

7. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) – Bitcoin Alternative Offering Faster Processing and Low Fees

Even though it was the first cryptocurrency to be built on the blockchain, Bitcoin suffered from a number of flaws and had a high transaction fee and a long confirmation time.

In the same way that gold is a safe haven for financial investment, so too is Bitcoin. However, an everyday-use Bitcoin substitute was desperately needed.

Bitcoin Cash aimed to fill a gap in functionality left by Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is compared to a gold bar, while Bitcoin Cash is more akin to a credit card, as it can be used on a daily basis by consumers thanks to its fast transaction times and low transaction fees.


Our research group has determined that Dash 2 Trade is the best utility token currently available.

It continues to draw a lot of money in its presale because it provides a service that should help traders and investors make more money. Pre-order Dash 2 Trade tokens now before their value increases in the next phase of the sale.

Disclaimer: This isn’t financial advice; it’s just for education. Crypted Crypto can’t guarantee its accuracy. Every investment and trade carries some risk, so always do your own research. Invest only what you can afford to lose.



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