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XRP News: XRP looks ready to move, here may be the catalysts

XRP News:
XRP News: Cover image via stock.adobe.com

XRP News

David Gokhshtein, a former candidate for Congress and the founder of Gokhshtein Media, recently said that he is sure Ripple XRP will win its court case against the SEC according to the latest XRP News.

The fact that the crypto industry will finally have some clarity is the first reason he thinks Ripple will prevail over the SEC, and the fact that the XRP community, which fought hard and stood its ground, will be rewarded for its efforts is the second.

With news of a possible resolution to the Ripple SEC lawsuit, the price of XRP has increased by nearly 12 percent in the past week.

The crypto influencer had previously tweeted that if Ripple won its case against the SEC, it would be good for all legitimate platforms because the price of XRP would skyrocket and Ripple would get a big boost.

David Gokhshtein prediction

David Gokhshtein predicts that XRP will skyrocket at this time, and much more besides. Then
Those who use XRP shared the optimism of Gokhshtein Media’s founder. Regardless of the outcome of the lawsuit, one user (@coffeeocalypse) thinks the XRP price is about to make a significant change.

He suggests that technical factors may be to blame for this: “Good job on the charts. Multiple higher lows, retesting, retaking, or breaking out of moving averages indicate a potential trend change.”

Crypto enthusiast and attorney Bill Morgan agrees that the lawsuit is not the only factor influencing the XRP price.

All seems calm as the parties to the lawsuit get ready to turn in their rebuttal briefs to the summary judgment motions.

Despite the lawsuit being relatively quiet, XRP was one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies to gain early on Friday.

Here’s XRP’s Value Proposition, According to John Deaton

No matter what happens, the XRP value proposition will not change. According to CryptoLaw’s founder, John Deaton, XRP has been able to weather the storm and remain a top-ten cryptocurrency over the last decade, while many other cryptocurrencies have failed to do so.

Priced at $0.40 at press time, XRP was the seventh largest cryptocurrency by market cap.

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