Terra (LUNA) and LUNA Classic (LUNC) investors move to Bitgert (BRISE)

Terra (LUNA) and LUNA Classic (LUNC) investors move to Bitgert (BRISE)

Terra (LUNA) and LUNA Classic (LUNC) investors move to Bitgert (BRISE)
Terra (LUNA) and LUNA Classic (LUNC) investors move to Bitgert (BRISE)

Investors in Terra (LUNA) and LUNA Classic (LUNC) are worried about the future of their respective cryptocurrencies, which is understandable. This is due to the fact that both coins had terrible years in 2022, and there’s little reason to believe they can bounce back in 2023. It’s highly unlikely that these coins will pump.

LUNA and LUNA Classic investors are looking for other coins to make a profit and recover some of their money. The majority of anxious LUNC and LUNA investors have been buying Bitgert (BRISE).

This month, more people who invested in Terra (LUNA) or LUNA Classic (LUNC) are investing in Bitgert (BRISE), and this trend is likely to continue through 2018. That’s because Bitgert still looks amazing after all these years. BRISE could be the most profitable cryptocurrency in 2023 if its price increases by a factor of ten in the coming months. Investors are paying attention to Bitgert because there are many indicators that it will soon become popular. The following are just a few of the signs that Bitgert could be the next big cryptocurrency:

Bitgert: Launching More and more Products

One thing that has captured the interest of the crypto world is the ongoing rollout of the roadmap V2 products. The zero trading fee feature of the newly launched Bitgert exchange has already generated buzz in the industry. There is a steadily rising rate of adoption of this exchange, which is predicted to skyrocket in the year 2023.

This month also saw the launch of the payment gateway Paybrise, which is expected to be used a lot more in the year to come. The team’s most recent information shows that the decentralized marketplace is getting close to being finished. There is no doubt that this essential feature will greatly accelerate the widespread use of Bitgert coin.

Bitgert Price Forecast and Analysis

The explosive price forecast is another reason why investors in Terra (LUNA) and LUNA Classic (LUNC) are so bullish on Bitgert. A +10X increase in Bitgert’s value is possible in the next few months, according to market forecasts. As a result, industry experts predict massive growth for Bitgert next year (2023).

$BRISE is the coin to beat for these two reasons. Bitgert aims to be the most profitable cryptocurrency by 2023.



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