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Tamadoge NFT s Rank #1 on OpenSea as FOMO Builds – Here’s What You Need to Know

Tamadoge OpenSea
Tamadoge OpenSea Ranking (OpenSea.com)

After selling out its $19 million presale and skyrocketing in value from a listing price of $0.03 to a high of $0.197, Tamadoge has been making headlines lately. The Tamadoge ultra-rare NFT collection has now attained the top rank on OpenSea, demonstrating the project’s ability to perform well throughout the whole crypto sector.

What is Tamadoge?

Tamadoge is a cryptocurrency project that seeks to transform the present environment of cryptocurrency gaming by developing a profitable, captivating, NFT-based game that puts more of an emphasis on gameplay than complicated earning methods.

Tamadoge Splash
Tamadoge Splash (Tamadoge.io)

The Tamaverse, a distinctive Metaverse realm, is the heart of the Tamadoge game. Players can connect with one another, explore this virtual world, and see their 3D-animated Tamadgoge pets there. Each pet is tokenized as an NFT, making it simple to acquire, trade, and enhance them.

Players can train a Tamadoge pet and give it things from the in-game store in order to gain Dogepoints and advance on the leaderboard. A player’s part of the reward pool increases with their position on the in-game leaderboard. This encourages players to shop at the Tamadoge store, which results in a 5% burn on revenue.

The Tamadoge NFT Collection

On October 6, the initial official Tamadoge NFT collection was made available. The series featured 100 really rare pet NFTs with improved stats and stunning artwork. Investors have taken a tremendous liking to the ultra-rare NFT collection, which has skyrocketed to the top rank on OpenSea’s trending tab and commands a floor price of 8 ETH.

Tamadoge rare NFTs
Tamadoge Rare NFTs (Tamadoge.io)

Don’t worry, though, if you weren’t successful in purchasing a Tamadoge NFT at the ultra-rare auction. On October 17, a collection of 1,000 extremely rare Tamadoge NFTs will go up for auction. The sale will last through October 24. Following this, 20,000 common NFTs will be made available, providing investors one more opportunity to own a Tamadoge pet.

Owners of any ultra-rare, uncommon, or common Tamadoge NFT will receive a puppy version to use in the main Tamadoge game whenever it is published, in addition to giving its holders an investment opportunity and a character for the upcoming Tamadoge arcade games.

The ultra-rare NFT collection has accomplished a similarly astounding feat, even if the TAMA token has been performing exceedingly well. Nothing seems to be able to stop Tamadoge’s accent, based on the project’s performance thus far.

As a result, it would be wise to check out the project right away before prices are increased as a result of the unstoppable growth of the Tamadoge hype. Join the Tamadoge Telegram to be the first to learn about any updates.



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