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Tamadoge NFT s Pump on OpenSea – Is This The Biggest NFT Drop 2022?

tamadoge nft
Tamadoge NFTs

Recently, Tamadoge released two NFT collections with improved statistics; these investments can be used in future Tamadoge games. The NFTs have been pumping significantly on OpenSea, and the collection has received a lot of praise within the Tamadoge ecosystem, so it’s possible that this will be the biggest NFT drop of 2022.

What is Tamadoge?

The goal of the Tamadoge project is to elevate the existing play-to-earn ecosystem by developing a suite of arcade-style games and a deep, engaging take on the classic Tamagotchi game in which players can earn rewards by caring for virtual pets based on NFTs.

In the game of Tamadoge, players are transported to a Metaverse dimension called the Tamaverse. Here, players can take their Tamadoge pets on adventures and play with them in a digital environment that comes to life in three dimensions. A player’s standing on the leaderboard and subsequent distribution of rewards increases as they earn Dogepoints through the process of raising their pet’s tier.

After successfully raising $19 million in a pre-sale and being listed on the OKX exchange, the value of the project has skyrocketed from $0.03 to $0.197.

Is Tamadoge NFT The Biggest NFT Drop in 2022?

Recently, Tamadoge has released a number of NFT collections that can be used in future titles. It all started with a set of 100 ultra-rare NFTs, and then another thousand rare NFTs were released. The group will also be releasing 20,000 common NFTs at a later date.

tamadoge nft
Tamadoge Rare NFTs Collection

After its release, the ultra-rare collection sold out immediately and became the most popular item on OpenSea. Many times the original sale price, the collection is now recommended at a floor price of 5 ETH.

It’s not just the rare NFTs themselves that have investors interested; the collection of 1,000 is particularly noteworthy. Many of the NFTs in the collection were purchased at what was essentially a discount thanks to the auction’s Dutch format. However, there are still some available and you can get them for only 0.5 ETH until November 19th.

On October 24th, a collection of 20,000 common NFTs will be released, giving those who missed out on a rare or ultra-rare Tamadoge pet another chance to do so.

Even though Tamadoge is in the news on a regular basis, the potential of these NFT drops is enormous. You might want to buy some Tamadoge NFTs now in case their value skyrockets when the project’s flagship and arcade games are released.

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