Shibnobi SHINJA AMA Latest Updates

Shibnobi SHINJA AMA Latest Updates


The Platanaso team’s Jason provided an overview of their project’s objectives during the first segment of tonight’s Shibnobi AMA. The primary goal of the project is to raise awareness of cryptocurrency among Hispanic and Caribbean communities through the development of a one-of-a-kind L2E (Learn to Earn) language app that will be used in conjunction with crypto education. Also, they will be developing their own line of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and are looking to partner with a financial institution in South America that will allow their tokens to be used for micro-loans and to purchase goods and services.

Shibnobi SHINJA To The MOON

Please show them some love by following them on Twitter @PlatanasoToken. They appreciate it.


Cliff has removed the $4.2 million from liquidity and completed the first of three weekly $700,000 buybacks, which will continue until the end of the year. The end of the third week will see him take all of the aforementioned tokens, as well as any additional tokens that he has already purchased back, and burn them all!


Users have reported that their Shinja balance as well as the “Max” button have vanished after an update to Uniswap was released. The issue has been reported to Uniswap’s GitHub page and Discord channel, and a ticket has been submitted. They have acknowledged the existence of the bug, but have stated that trading Shinja should continue to function as it should.

Although some users have reported that they are unable to select Shinja on Uniswap since the update, we have not received any reports of this (they are met with an infinite loading circle). We have confirmed that Dojoswap is still operational, and users are encouraged to take advantage of our DEX while Uniswap attempts to resolve the problem.


Introducing Shibnobi Software, a new division of the Shibnobi ecosystem that has recently been established! With this branch, we will be able to provide a variety of software services to other projects, including auditing, consulting, developing, and other services. This will assist us in achieving our goal of promoting and assisting all of the wonderful projects out there that have the potential but lack the necessary resources.

What will be the ramifications of this for Shibnobi? Naturally, these services will have a price tag attached to them, and the team anticipates that a portion of these costs will have to be covered by the Shinja community. Thus, our clients will have to purchase Shinja (which will help to raise the price) and then send those tokens to us in exchange for our services. This will be followed by their burning by the team, which will add yet another buyback and burn feature to our ecosystem!


Cliff has been able to send the prizes to the winners of Ell Cee’s photo contest as well as the Iranian New Year contest because of the generosity of the community. However, he is still going through the list of participants in the $70K giveaway contest and will send out the prizes as soon as he is finished with them.





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