LUNC News: Terra Rebels Transfers Terra Station Support To TerraCVita


LUNC News Update:

A group of volunteer programmers for Terra Classic called the Terra Rebels has said that they will no longer update Terra Station. From now on, Terra Station maintenance will be handled by TerraCVita. Terraform Labs is also moving to a wallet called “Station” that works across chains and wants to add LUNC and LUNA.

Terra Classic Community Panic Amid Terra Station Uncertainty

The Terra Rebels have proposed a community pool to break away from TFL and Do Kwon as part of the Terra Classic Revival Roadmap. TFL requested several L1 modifications from Terra Rebels so that Terra Classic could communicate with the new station using Cosmos chains.

However, the Terran rebels have instead chosen to construct Rebel Station. Users can log in to the Rebel Station by importing their private keys or using their mnemonic phrases.

A tweet from Terra Rebels on December 7 revealed that the company had implemented autonomous endpoints for Rebel Station using Terra Rebel LCD clusters. Support for FCD endpoints is a current focus for the development team.

Meanwhile, TerraCVita will manage the Terra Station thanks to its seamless integration with TFL and shared endpoints. After the 1.0.4 update, the networks at both Terra Station and Rebel Station went down because TFL didn’t update the LCD. After developers re-open IBC channels, the 1.0.4 upgrade gets validators and crypto exchanges ready to go.

Several people in the Terra Classic community got scared and didn’t delegate their LUNC because of the situation. Edward Kim, a core developer for Terra Rebels, responded to growing rumors of impending disaster by saying that TFL’s upgrade request had reached the right people with only one day to spare.

LUNC Price Loses Momentum

Due to the widespread fear that TFL would suddenly stop supporting Terra Classic, the price of LUNC plummeted. Current LUNC price is $0.0001646, a decrease of over 4% in the last 24 hours.

During the past 24 hours, the lowest price for Terra Classic was $0.0001625 and the highest price was $0.0001734. In recent months, trading volume has dropped dramatically.

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