Dogecoin Price Update

Dogecoin Price Update: DOGE Price Skyrockets By 28% In Last 7 Days; $1 Ahead?

Dogecoin Price Update: The value of one Dogecoin rose by over 10%, from $0.093 to $0.104. Relatively few transactions occurred at the pump, which was unexpected.

Dogecoin Price Update
Dogecoin Price Update

The value of Dogecoin has risen by 28 percent in the past week. Amid his feud with Apple, also known as “Dogedaddy’s Feud,” Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced plans to create his own smartphone, driving up the price of Dogecoin. The market saw this as potentially positive news for Dogecoin’s future adoption.

Dogecoin’s value rose by over 10% on Tuesday, from $0.093 to $0.104. Relatively few transactions occurred at the pump, which was unexpected. Lookonchain data suggests that “whales,” or market influencers, are stocking up on DOGE in preparation for a price increase.

The total value of all cryptocurrencies has increased to $859.97B, an increase of 0.84 percent from the previous day. Over the past 24 hours, the total volume of all cryptocurrencies traded rose by 3.98 percent, to $46.62 billion. DeFi’s 24-hour volume is $3.23B, or 6.93% of the total volume of all cryptocurrencies. There are now $44.10B worth of stablecoins in circulation, making up 94.59% of the entire 24-hour volume of the cryptocurrency market.

Dogecoin to USD Chart: Dogecoin Price Update

Dogecoin Price in USD

The current price of a single Dogecoin is $0.053482, with a 24-hour trading volume of $1,099,764,179. The value of Dogecoin has dropped by 1.43 percent in the past day. An active market cap of $13,728,985,647 USD. There are currently 132,670,764,300 DOGE in circulation, with an unknown cap. One notable event that occurred after Elon Musk finalized his acquisition of Twitter was the meteoric rise in the value of the cryptocurrency known as Dogecoin. But it fizzled out quickly, and the biggest meme coin is still 85.74% below its all-time high.

Price in INR

Dogecoin to INR Chart: Dogecoin Price Update

The current Dogecoin price in Indian Rupees is 8.40 INR. Dogecoin’s 24 hour trading volume is 89,928,011,120 INR. According to data compiled by coinmarketcap, Dogecoin has lost 1.13 percent of its value over the past day. The current value of all dogecoins in circulation is equal to 1,114,078,232,825 Indian Rupees.

Will DOGE breach $1

The longevity of DOGE is tied to how useful it is. While some retailers, like Tesla, now accept DOGE as payment, the cryptocurrency is limited in what it can be used for. The adoption rate is the determining factor in whether or not DOGE reaches $1.

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