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Bitgert Exchange To List Babydoge Coin

Bitgert Exchange To List Babydoge Coin
Bitgert Exchange To List Babydoge Coin

Babydoge has been officially listed on the Bitgert exchange, according to the exchange’s team. The decision was made after a poll posted on the team’s official Twitter account revealed that 69% of voters preferred the Babydoge.

The three other coins in the poll were Safemoon, Yoosh, and Floki. After Floki, Safemoon took second place. The fact that Babydoge emerged victorious demonstrates the market’s confidence in this coin. It could also indicate that an increasing number of Babydoge are investing in $BRISE or using the Bitgert coin.

Babydoge Listing Impact on Bitgert Exchange

When Babydoge is added, it will have a big effect on both the BRISE coin and the Bitgert exchange. The huge number of wallet holders that Babydoge enjoys will lead to a rise in the number of account holders on Bitgert exchange.

As a matter of fact, Babydoge has more new wallet owners than Shiba Inu. There may be thousands of Babydoge holders who sign up for an account with the Bitgert exchange because of the zero trading fee offered to Babydoge traders. That would be fantastic news for the Bitgert project if it comes to fruition.

As more traders look for Babydoge’s lower trading fees, Bitgert coin use is likely to go up. With more people wanting Bitgert, the price is likely to go up in the next few weeks.

New assets on the exchange

In the following weeks, the Bitgert team plans to add thirty or more assets to the exchange. The crypto community has been buzzing about this official announcement made in recent days. If you already own Bitcoin, Bitgert, Ethereum, or Litecoin, the Babydoge listing is just the additional assets.

Increased volume and a meteoric rise in trades are both inevitable results of the addition of 30+ assets to the exchange. When these assets are added, the number of traders on the chain skyrockets.

The bottom line is that in the coming weeks, the Bitgert exchange will see further changes. In the coming weeks, both the number of traders and the volume of trades on the exchange will continue to soar to new heights. As a result, there will be a rise in demand for Bitgert coins.



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