Looking for the best penny cryptocurrency to invest in for 2023 can be a frustrating experience. The cryptocurrency market is extremely unpredictable, so be ready for drastic swings in value. It’s important to choose the right currency to invest in, but there are a few tokens that are both popular and appealing to keep in mind. Dash 2 Trade, IMPT, and Tamadoge are three promising cryptocurrencies worth investigating in 2023 because they have shown a high degree of promise and could be the best penny cryptocurrency to invest in come 2023.

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What is the best penny cryptocurrency to invest in 2023?

Dash 2 Trade – new analytics system

IMPT – The world of green investment

Tamadoge – overall the best currency to invest in

Chiliz – For sport fans

Shiba Inu – The original Meme Coin

XRP – Well established and famous penny crypto

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Although there are many options on the crypto market, identifying the most valuable and widely held tokens is straightforward. There are a few penny cryptocurrencies that have shown promise and are on the rise. Your investment in Dash 2 trade, IMPT, or Tamadoge has excellent growth prospects over the coming year.

Dash 2 Trade – New analytics System


The new in-house venture, called Dash 2 Trade, has already seen impressive presale numbers for its digital currency. For those looking to take their crypto trading to the next level, this platform is tailor-made on the back of crypto analytics and intelligence. As a part of the platform, users will be able to develop and test trading strategies, as well as keep tabs on the most recent market news and on-chain data. Data-to-Thought (D2T) reveals information that has a real effect on performance and gives users powerful, narrowed-in understanding of metrics. When making a good choice, it helps you zero in on the details that matter most. With the presale of the currency now off to a good start, the platform will give something special to all the new users who sign up.

For users to gain access to the platform’s crypto analytics tools, trading signals, and social trading features, it has been released as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum Network. The primary focus is on becoming the best cryptocurrency analytics and social trading platform in the world. Because of this, the platform will provide even more benefit to investors by making trading signals, on-chain analysis, and all trading tools easily accessible. The user is in a position where they need to seize market opportunities.

When it comes to the giveaway’s motivation, the platform wants to show its appreciation for the rapidly expanding community and the beginning of the presale with success by giving away some cool stuff. Each participant has the chance to win the D2T token equivalent of $150,000. If the user wants to participate in the draw, they need to have at least $150 worth of D2T tokens in their wallet. As 2022 approaches, this may be one of the best penny cryptocurrencies to invest in.

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IMPT – The world of green investment

It’s difficult to conceive of a world in which protecting the environment and making financial investments go hand in hand. As opposed to other cryptocurrencies, IMPT not only helps the planet but also generates profit. The project’s goals include mitigating the effects of climate change, safeguarding the environment, and providing financial support for ecological initiatives. Carbon credits purchased through IMPT can be used to trade NFTs or purchase additional tokens, all thanks to blockchain technology. All of these funds are being put to good use, protecting the environment.


More than $5 million was raised in the presale’s first two weeks, suggesting that the market is eager to protect Earth or that the option to trade on the network without regard for environmental impact is appealing. The project has received backing from a wide variety of companies, including Microsoft, GameStop, and LEGO, among others. Credits have monetary value and can be used to fund a wide range of environmental initiatives that have been reviewed and found to be effective. As an NFT token, you can trade it for other NFTs or keep it to yourself.

They sold 1,600 tokens at $0.018 each during the ICO’s first phase, meaning that backers could exchange 5,555 tickets worth $100. On November 25, when this round of token sales concludes, another 1.0 billion tokens will be distributed at a price of $0.023. All this talk about the IMPT suggests that you should view it as a safe and stable investment that will attract buyers and drive up its price. It’s important to emphasize the environmental benefits of trading them, and doing so with every transaction.

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TAMA – best meme coin to buy in general

Many factors point to the high potential return on investment in Tamadoge this year and beyond. A 90-day presale of its native token, TAMA, was completed in just eight weeks and raised $19 million, an astonishing price for a cryptocurrency. Nearly 2 billion of the maximum supply of multi-utility tokens have already been sold. However, the developers’ goals extend beyond just the token sale. Tamadoge burns five percent of all purchases made in the Tama shop. The remaining 65% of the tokens will be distributed to the players in the form of prize pools and awards, while 30% will be used for advertising. Tokens will be distributed in the amount of 50% during the presale, with the remaining 20% set aside for listing on both decentralized and centralized exchanges.


Players acquire a pet, put money into it, and raise it to adulthood, eventually providing it with a variety of accessories and other necessities available for purchase at a dedicated Tama shop. Players have access to the Avatar Market, where they can buy and sell custom-made characters in exchange for NFT tokens. Your pet can compete in online battles against other pets to earn rewards and climb the leaderboard. Making and giving away all that stuff can easily net you $100,000.

TAMA can be purchased through either a centralized OKX list or a decentralized list. The current price is $0.028, so if you’re interested in purchasing some, you should do so quickly. Value has increased by over a factor of a thousand, making this a very appealing model to back this year. Experts agree that its trading volume will soon exceed that of other popular coins.

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Chiliz – For Sports Fans

Founded in 2006, Chiliz is a company that provides support for sports and entertainment on a global scale. The company has minted 8.8 million Chiliz tokens in just two years, and they’re currently worth about $1.4 million. Chiliz is the best currency for those interested in investing in sports tokenization because it can be used to purchase “Fan Tokens,” which are used to participate in the blockchain platform. You could say that this is its greatest potential. The funds increased, prompting developers to create the newer model Chiliz 2.0; however, its value is still 500 times lower than Ethereum’s.

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Shiba Inu – The original meme coin

I’m sure you’re aware that Tamadoge isn’t the first pet-themed P2E game, but it does improve upon the flaws of its predecessors. Shiba Inu, the cryptocurrency based on the Japanese dog breed, and the upgrades designed to promote its expansion are one of the elements used by developers to enhance the model. Growth of 1,400% may seem impressive, but keep in mind that Tamadoge has solved every issue plaguing Shiba Inus. Despite this, the meme coin continues to attract buyers and fans. It is definitely a penny cryptocurrency to look out for in 2023.

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XRP – Well established and famous penny crypto

Since Ripple is not crypto but rather a payment platform that facilitates global transactions via blockchain technology, it has not shared many similarities with the earlier models. They have put $55 million into escrow since the currency was introduced in 2012. They estimate their market cap at $37.5 billion and have programmed a smart contract to drain 1 billion tokens every month.

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Final Thoughts

Choosing the most cutting-edge path can be tough when dealing with the market’s ever-changing cryptocurrencies and fashions. On the other hand, you shouldn’t have any doubts. D2T, IMPT, and Tamadoge have all demonstrated remarkable potential to rapidly increase value. They are the penny cryptocurrency to buy in 2023. Don’t put too much stock in the numbers? Look to the buyers who have already put down significant cash. Pick a currency that is popular with buyers to ensure its value holds steady over time.







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