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Aptos and Sui: The New Kids on the Block

Known as “Aptos and Sui: The New Kids on the Block,” this report was recently released by Binance Research.

Aptos and Sui are two new Layer-1 projects with the goal of solving the Blockchain Trilemma. It is the conundrum that arises when a blockchain must choose between optimizing for decentralization, security, and scalability.

Scalability of Aptos and Sui

To achieve this, the report extensively details parallel execution techniques that speed up and reduce the latency of transaction execution. Aptos’s Block-STM execution engine is what sets them apart, as it can process multiple transactions at once. Sui claims that their innovative dual-execution approach is the key. It enables certain ad hoc transactions to operate independently of consensus and to reach near-instant finality.

Security of Aptos and Sui

The new smart-contract programming language, Move, is used by both blockchains. Move is pre-equipped with features designed to bolster blockchain security and privacy. Among these capabilities is the Move Prover. It is a tool that can assist developers in the formal verification of smart contracts and the hopefully avoidance of certain hacks and exploits. Aptos has also made it clear that it intends to prioritize upgradeability, which should result in a brisk rollout of cutting-edge safety features.

We plan to keep a close eye on the progress of the language and on Aptos‘ promise of an upgradable chain.

Aptos and Sui


First of all, we need to recognize that decentralization is not a zero- or one-dimensional concept; rather, it exists on a spectrum. There are many different levels at which decentralization is important. Different projects will make different concessions in order to achieve their goals.

Both Aptos and Sui are working to lower the hardware requirements for running blockchains. They understand that this is a major factor in determining whether or not decentralization will be successful at the blockchain level. Sui is the most prominent first language listed here.

Aptos and Sui

Some of the best engineers and product developers in the Web2 industry have worked on Aptos and Sui. In addition to the foregoing, this report explores a variety of innovative capabilities shared by both chains. Aptos Labs and Mysten Labs (the team behind Sui) have both raised substantial funding from a well-capitalized investor base. Both chains are looking to take crypto adoption to the global stage and target the next billion users thanks to the extensive product experience of the teams behind them.
The full report delves into the current L1 market, the Aptos and Sui projects and how they fit in, and the similarities and differences between the two in great detail.

For more details, the full report can be found here: https://research.binance.com/en/analysis/aptos-sui-report

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