New Crypto initial listings

5 New Crypto Initial Exchange Listings to Watch

New Crypto Initial Exchange Listings
New Crypto Initial Exchange Listings

Crypto Coins’ values typically increase after being listed on exchanges. After a cryptocurrency project’s token is listed on an exchange, demand spikes and the price usually follows. In the course of our research, we discovered 5 new crypto initial exchange listings that will be launching their ICOs in the near future. Investors looking to capitalize on assets with low entry points and high growth potential should investigate these initiatives.

New Crypto Initial Exchange Listings to Watch

Let’s take a high-level overview of these five initiatives before diving into each to learn more about them and how they will help investors.

  • Presale of IMPT, an environmentally friendly cryptocurrency, ends this week on Uniswap and LBank.
  • The Remarkable Dash 2 Trade (D2T) On-Chain Platform and Cutting-Edge Crypto Signals
  • Hooked Protocol for Earning and Learning Through an On-Ramp Layer (HOOK)
  • Players Own KeplerHomes (KEPL) in This NFT Game
  • The SOLA-X (SAX) Platform Provides and Tracks a Wide Array of Liquidity Pools

A Closer Look at the Top 5 New Crypto Initial Exchange Listings

Each undertaking is special in its own way. See what the benefits of investing in these coins are.

1. IMPT – Eco-Friendly Crypto Rewarding the Reduction of Carbon Footprint, Presale Ends This Week Ahead of IEO

With a presale beginning on October 3, 2022, and a first stage coin price of $0.018, IMPT is a cutting-edge carbon-offset cryptocurrency project that has already seen rapid sales.

Those who wish to purchase IMPT prior to its listing on exchanges have only a few days left. After the presale ends on December 11, 2022, the token will be listed on the DEX Uniswap and the LBank.

When the coin entered stage 2, its value rose by 27%, to $0.023, rewarding investors who bought it in the first stage.

Investors looking for innovative solutions to pressing problems flock to Uniswap, a decentralized exchange (DEX). And IMPT achieves this by bridging the gap between financial backers and companies with a mission to combat global warming.

IMPT has teamed up with many different retail giants to provide token rewards for investors who shop with them. Partners like Amazon, Microsoft, Macy’s, and Domino’s will donate a percentage of investor purchases to green causes.

In addition, this ecosystem allows for direct participation from investors and corporations in the effort to reduce environmental impact. In order to encourage users to reduce their environmental impact, IMPT has a built-in social feature that awards points for doing so.

How IMPT Toke Works

Users who reduce their carbon footprint by spending their carbon credits earn bonus points. There are no actual burns because the tokens are simply mailed to an address that cancels the coins.

If a shareholder does not wish to retire their carbon credits, they can be held in the form of marketable NFTs.

Presale tokens that are still unsold after Stage 2 will be destroyed. Further, the stage three tokens will be put in cold storage for a year. Those who miss out on the presale prices will have to wait until IMPT is listed on Uniswap on December 14, 2022 to make any kind of profit.

IMPT will be available on LBank and Changelly Pro in addition to Uniswap. The listing of the coin on Uniswap, however, may come too late. Investors who purchase IMPT tokens before the 12th of December 2022 will be able to claim their tokens and participate in the listing price appreciation.

In the last 48 hours, the presale has brought in $400,000, and only 6 days remain for investors to purchase the remaining tokens.

2. Dash 2 Trade (D2T) – Innovative Crypto Signals and On-Chain Platform

Another project with an ongoing presale is Dash 2 Trade, whose token, D2T, will soon be traded on exchanges. There will be additional exchanges announced, but LBank and Bitmart have already confirmed D2T listings.

In its first day of operation, this platform brought in over $500,000 in funding. The buying frenzy continued, and Dash 2 Trade was able to raise over $8 million. Already 95% of Stage 3 presale tickets have been purchased. Before their value increases in the next stage, only 4.5% of the tokens are still available at this price.

In a day or two, the final stage will begin, bringing the value of the coin to $0.0533. A coin’s performance after it is listed on a cryptocurrency exchange can often be predicted by its presale. We expect D2success T’s on exchanges to mirror its presale success.

To maximize their chances of making a profit when trading D2T, investors can take advantage of a number of features provided by the platform.

When a new cryptocurrency is listed on an exchange, investors can sign up for alerts from Dash 2 Trade, and the platform also rates crypto presales based on factors like audit quality and tokenomics. To maximize returns, investors should act on the platform’s recommendations for when to buy and sell.

Dash 2 Trade has democratized trading by facilitating the sharing of trading strategies between users. The platform then tracks and promotes the most successful of these strategies. Price-forecasting contests and trading games are held there every week.

Investors need 400 D2T tokens for basic functionality and 1000 D2T tokens per month for premium functionality. Since the fifth stage of the presale was skipped, investors should buy the tokens now before they are listed on exchanges and possibly skyrocket in price.

3. Hooked Protocol (HOOK) – Learn and Earn Products with On-Ramp Layer

By creating a ramp for widespread adoption of Web 3.0, Hooked Protocol has made it easier for newcomers to the platform to join the revolution. The central component of this system is the HOOK token.

Binance hosted the token’s ICO not too long ago. When trading began, the price was $0.10, and now it’s $2.21. The current market capitalization of all coins is just over $110 million. There are 50 million coins in circulation.

One of the products available in this ecosystem is called Wild Cash, and it’s a Quiz to Earn gaming experience that helps bring an interesting ecosystem together by streamlining the onboarding processes for all Web 3.0 pioneers.

All investors can now gain access to crypto and earn rewards with the help of Hooked Protocol, which mimics the learning experience and economic payout structure of popular video games. The project’s other goals are to foster a scalable and active community of developers, and to speed up their transition to the Web 3.0 architecture.

Hooked has developed an education system with experienced-based learning enabling users to participate in NFTs and GameFi. The learning curve can be shortened thanks to the Hooked Academy’s entertaining videos.

Besides Quiz to Earn, Hooked has also developed Proof of Work Time and Mining game, which incentivizes users for contributing to the platform.

After establishing their Web 3.0 social graph, investors receive monetary rewards for sharing them.

The platform enables investors to own Hooked wallets to use their crypto for staking, swapping and transferring.

4. KeplerHomes (KEPL) – NFT Game Owned by Players

Every world in this multi-chain game features its own unique NFTs, which can be used to purchase a wide variety of different advantages. To facilitate asset trading on its in-game marketplace, the 3D game combines real-time PVE/PVP, NFT trading, and player socializing.

In this game, which is set in the year 2113, Earth’s resources have been depleted, and human beings must leave the planet if they are to survive. Only the Kelper Galaxy offers a safe haven for humans.

To ensure a safe landing for the mothership and the rest of the fleet, players must successfully navigate the ion storm.

In Kepler, you can sell off your planet’s real estate and buy more NFTs from other players in the game’s marketplace to help you level up faster. In the near future, players will be able to farm for more coins and receive rewards in KEPL tokens.

5. SOLA-X (SAX) – Supplies Multiple Liquidity Pools and Monitors

In the Solana ecosystem, automated market makers (AMMs) have been rethought thanks to SOLA-X. Besides rebalancing liquidity allocations to maximize the APY, it has developed flexible liquidity pools that allow multiple assets to be within a pool.

To take advantage of this platform, investors will need to own $SAX tokens. Before $SAX is listed on exchanges, 20% of the 500 million supply will be available during the presale.

SOLA-X (SAX) New Crypto Initial Exchange Listings

Traditional AMMs are used by the vast majority of liquidity providers, posing problems that are addressed by SOLA-X (SAX). SAX relieves liquidity providers of the burden of constantly monitoring and rebalancing allocations to individual liquidity pools.

Conclusion New Crypto Initial Exchange Listings

Among the five coins being listed on Uniswap on December 14, 2022, our review team thinks IMPT will be the most interesting to follow.

During the presale period of IMPT, which will last for another 6 days, investors can still purchase IMPT at a price of $0.023.

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