1O ways to win crypto in 2023

1O ways to win crypto in 2023

1O ways to win crypto in 2023
1O ways to win crypto in 2023

On the back of a crazy downtrend loop, there is an ongoing hunger for a spark of success within the market’s walls so that pessimism can be fueled into optimism. Every day, crypto investors are scratching their news devices for some hope that will rekindle their charge for the market, which has suffered a meltdown due to crypto’s disappointing run this year.

Unfortunately, nothing has been forthcoming. It has been a total stampede— a back and forth between devastating prices behind its previous evaluation. However, there have been several predictions for 2023. The projections have been different from the ones that preceded this year. Nonetheless, they have been spirit-lifting. One of them is discovering ways to win cryptos in 2023.

Several new, exciting tokens are doing well in the market with their presales. One of the places where you stand a chance to win crypto is Lucky Block Casino. Early in 2022, Lucky Block launched as a cryptocurrency lottery platform. The plan was to establish a worldwide lottery powered by blockchain that anybody could participate in and win. By possessing LBLOCK tokens native to Lucky Block, players were granted access to the game and a share of the prizes from each raffle.

Find out ten different ways to win crypto in 2023!

  • Airdrops
  • Crypto cashback incentives
  • Crypto giveaways
  • CeFi lending
  • DeFi lending
  • Microtask Apps and platforms
  • Digital currency mining
  • Play-to-Earn (P2E) Games
  • Staking
  • Yield Farming


When a blockchain startup gives away free tokens or coins to its community, this is known as an airdrop. Typically, airdrops are sent out to raise awareness of a project or to encourage people to keep a particular cryptocurrency. There are various methods for conducting airdrops. The most typical scenario is for the project to deliver the tokens or coins to wallets that satisfy certain requirements, such as holding a specific amount of another kind of cryptocurrency. Another option is distributing the money or tokens through social media giveaways or competitions.

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Crypto cashback incentives

Earning cryptocurrency is easy with crypto cashback perks. They function by returning a portion of the purchase price to you in cryptocurrency. For instance, you might get $10 back in bitcoin (BTC) or another cryptocurrency if you spend $100 on an item on a website. There are several ways to receive cryptocurrency cashback benefits. The most widely used approach is via exchangers that provide cashback incentives. Users at Lucky Block Casino can receive cashback incentives.

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Crypto giveaways

Entering your wallet address and email address into a form and waiting to find out if you won are the only two steps involved in most crypto giveaways. You should perform particular actions to participate in cryptocurrency giveaways, such as joining a Discord channel, following a Twitter account, or sharing a post.

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CeFi lending

Lending your digital assets in the centralized finance (CeFi) lending market is another choice if you’re seeking ways to earn cryptocurrency. By lending your cryptocurrency assets to borrowers through CeFi lending, you can make money on them. This is a way to profit passively from your cryptocurrency investment without selling it.

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DeFi lending

A new sector called DeFi (decentralized finance), based on blockchain technology provides financial services without central intermediaries. This indicates that money can be borrowed or lent by anyone without going through a bank or other conventional financial organization. DeFi loan services are provided by a few different platforms, enabling you to profit from your cryptocurrency.

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Microtask Apps and platforms

Given that they enable you to execute easy tasks in exchange for a bit of money, microtask apps and platforms are a straightforward method to earn cryptocurrency. These tasks can vary from viewing an advertisement to completing a survey. Before registering for one, you should explore the many available microtask apps and platforms.

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Digital currency mining

New digital currencies are created through a process known as mining. Miners are given newly created digital tokens in exchange for their labor in processing and adding transactions to the blockchain’s public ledger. Digital currency mining can be done in various ways, but some are more efficient than others. Using ASIC miners is the most popular and profitable way of mining. For some altcoins, GPU mining can also be beneficial. You must make a financial investment in equipment before you can begin mining digital currencies. You must also create a wallet to store the tokens you have mined. Once your setup is complete, you can either solo mine or join a mining pool. You can boost your chances of winning prizes by pooling your resources with those of other miners.

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Play-to-Earn (P2E) Games

Play-to-earn (P2E) games provide a pleasant method to earn cryptocurrency while having a good time. Blockchain technology is frequently used in P2E games to establish an open and secure system for tracking prizes and player progress. This increases the clarity about how the game functions and assures players that they will receive the rewards they have earned.

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Staking is keeping your coins in reserve to support network security. You are paid with newly created coins in exchange for assisting with network security. You will receive a certain quantity of fresh coins depending on how many coins you stake and how long you stake them. The more time you spend staking your coins, you’ll make more money.

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Yield Farming

Yield farming is receiving bitcoin incentives for deposits made into a yield farming mechanism. There are numerous platforms for yield farming, each with its guidelines and advantages. It would help if you first located a pool that satisfies their requirements to engage in yield farming. There are various types of pools, each with unique specifications. You must deposit your tokens into the liquidity pool once you have determined that the yield farming protocol you want to use is safe and reliable enough to try out.


These are ten ways you could be scooping up crypto in 2023 without complications, and investing in Lucky Block Casino is a great place to start. Though there are ten here, there are an unlimited number of other courses in the universe that could help you win crypto. With an intense upgrade, newer ways will surface, and winning cryptos will be much easier.



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